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Catch Up With

Top Achievers

2020 HSC and Beyond

"The authors' suggestions range from the general - stay organised, manage your time - to the specific." 

- The Sydney Morning Herald

Have you ever wondered what makes the top students stay at the top? We can tell you that not all of them were born smart. In fact, all of them had to put in countless of hours to perfect their study abilities. As a result, not only did they become the best in the classrooms, they also excelled in other areas such as sports and art. But what did they do to accomplish these tasks?


Some say there are no short cuts to higher HSC marks. We think differently.


In 2020 HSC and Beyond, twenty of the best HSC performers outlined their personal stories as well as their study secrets for you. So you can excel too!

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Tree Niu Bee Pty. Ltd.; 

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0648563340

ISBN-13: 978-0648563341

Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 1.8 x 21 cm (A5)


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Catch Up with Top Achievers has been featured in


"They were born smart,"

                                           - a clueless student.

We think differently

Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond is a collection of articles written by the best performing HSC students in the State - HSC State Rankers. In our study guide, each author outlines their unique and results-driven study strategies. They also provide specific advice towards succeeding in their area of expertise. The practical study methods presented in this book are by no means conventional. Instead, they reflect the reality of what it is to be a student in 2020, and how to best succeed in the HSC whilst still maintaining a sense of balance.

In it, we answer many key questions faced by students and parents, such as: 


WHAT were their strategies for success?


HOW did they cope with the stress?


WHY did they work so hard?

Many of these students were not top achievers before Year 12, and do not represent an unattainable level of work ethic or intelligence.

If they can do it, you can too!

What You Will Get When You Invest In This Book

2020 HSC and Beyond

Written by 20 HSC State Rankers.  Learn methods and systems to help your child become more organised, focused, and disciplined. 

This book covers the following key areas:

#1: HSC State Rankers Life Stories 


#2: Effective Planning


#3: Goal Setting


#4: Staying Organised

#5: Finding a Purpose

#6: Independent Learning


What's Inside

Notable Contributors


Wenquan Lu

99.95 ATAR

1st in Physics 

4th in Chinese Literature

10th in Mathematics Extension One


Jesse Caminer

99.95 ATAR

1st in English Advanced

1st in English Extension Two

1st in Chinese Continuer 


Adam Gottschalk

99.95 ATAR

1st in Biology

1st in Visual Arts

1st in French Extension

Who is 2020 HSC and Beyond for?

We designed this book for

  1. Students aged 13 and up, all the way through university

  2. All parents whose children are students

  3. All teachers whose students are teenagers 

This book is easy to read, so students from the age of 13 should have no issues with understanding the content and the message being delivered.

Most teenagers require additional guidance, which is why we designed this book for parents and teachers. 

So if you’re a parent or a teacher, you’ll find this to be a handy resource as you equip your children/students with the skills for academic success.

2020 HSC and Beyond

Kickstart your HSC journey

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  • Amazon bestselling study guide

  • Written by 20 HSC State rankers

  • Covers all major HSC subjects

  • 99% positive feedback

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2020 HSC and Beyond

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2020 HSC and Beyond

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