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Want to Increase your Study Productivity and hence increase the chance of

SMASHING Your Academic Goals?

"Brand New HSC Study Guide Shows Best Kept Secrets

to Systematically Increase Exam Result with State-Ranking Study Techniques and Strategies...".

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Catch Up With

Top Achievers

2020 HSC and Beyond

"The authors' suggestions range from the general - stay organised, manage your time - to the specific." 

- The Sydney Morning Herald

Have you ever wondered what makes the top students stay at the top? We can tell you that not all of them were born smart. In fact, all of them had to put in countless of hours to perfect their study abilities. As a result, not only did they become the best in the classrooms, they also excelled in other areas such as sports and art. But what did they do to accomplish these tasks?


Some say there are no short cuts to higher HSC marks. We think differently.


In 2020 HSC and Beyond, twenty of the best HSC performers outlined their personal stories as well as their study secrets for you. So you can excel too!

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Tree Niu Bee Pty. Ltd.; 

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0648563340

ISBN-13: 978-0648563341

Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 1.8 x 21 cm (A5)


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Attention High School Students and Parents of New South Wales…

"We’ve Uncovered A “New Way of Approaching Studying” That Only the Best of the Best Knows About…"

That has the potential increase your exam marks faster than anything else you’ve tried!

From Adam Ma

Sydney, Australia


My name is Adam Ma, and what I did in my HSC year completely changed my outlook on studying and learning in high school and beyond.


Not going to lie, going into Year 12, I had a low-80s ATAR prediction….


One day during a study period, I overheard the top students trading “study secrets” in the other end of the classroom and I couldn’t help but to sneak in and have a listen of what they were talking about.


They talked about all kinds study methods I had never heard of before ranging from methods of note taking to memorisation tricks.


So I decided to give one method a try - taking notes with flowcharts.


My HSC Physics Notes

flowchart 2.png

I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of this methods and I suddenly understood how ideas relate to each other…

Which is kinda crazy, especially considering the fact that I have been a student for the longest time.

How did I NOT know these tricks???


In just 9 short months since that discovery, my ATAR got BOOSTED from low-80s to 98+

All thanks to these simple study techniques, I was able to use my results and lessons learned to land interviews at the best universities around the world and eventually settle on a $20 000 per year scholarship at UNSW studying and gaining industry experience at the same time.


Book signing event of the first edition of Catch Up With Top Achievers


Me and Eddie Woo discussing eduction

So… What Are These Study Secrets

(And How Can You Use Them To Increase Your Results?!?)

Upon finishing my HSC, I realised that I could’ve saved so much time if I had known how to study properly earlier…


So, I decided to uncover these secrets and at the same time validate my theory that all top achieving students had some sort of best kept study secrets they personally used.


I have spoken to 50+ HSC State Rankers trying to find a pattern of what made some students successful, while others flopped.


After interviewing these top achievers, we wrote our first edition of “Catch Up with Top Achievers” as a playbook to show students how to learn and study like them.

The HSC study strategies that you will find inside these pages have now helped literally thousands of students in NSW to increase their exam marks faster than ever before.


This best selling book will give you access to all the processes, techniques, and methods that these HSC Top Achievers used to increase their exam marks so you can also create your own study system and do better in your exams!


Gain access to the best HSC study advice and strategies right now for only...



We found that it had almost NOTHING to do with:

As we kept digging and analysing and discussing, A Set of Patterns Emerged…

  1. what questions students attempt

  2. what textbooks students read

  3. what subjects students study

  4. or even what kind of teachers student have at school!

But instead, it had everything to do with your ability to:

  1. Take notes systematically…

  2. Understand how to organise your time…

  3. How to interpret and answer  exam questions…

  4. Know what to memorise…

  5. How to structure and plan essays…

  6. and so on….

They Had Mastered The Art Of Learning...

and Then Using These Techniques to Achieve The Best Academic Results...

“The secrets of year 12 success,

the most successful students reveal how they did it” - Channel 7’s Sunday Sunrise

Catch Up with Top Achievers on Channel 7's Sunday Sunrise

HSC State Rankers


Catch Up with Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond

For increasing your study efficiency with state ranking study techniques...


Authors of 2020 HSC and Beyond

Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond is a collection of articles written by the best performing HSC students in the State - HSC State Rankers. In our study guide, each author outlines their unique and results-driven study strategies. They also provide specific advice towards succeeding in their area of expertise. The practical study methods presented in this book are by no means conventional. Instead, they reflect the reality of what it is to be a student in 2020, and how to best succeed in the HSC whilst still maintaining a sense of balance.

In it, we answer many key questions faced by students and parents, such as: 


WHAT were their strategies for academic success?


HOW did they cope with the stress?


WHY did they work so hard?

Many of these students were not top achievers before Year 12, and do not represent an unattainable level of work ethic or intelligence.

If they can do it, you can too!


Gain access to the best HSC study advice and strategies right now for only...



We found that it had almost NOTHING to do with:

What are our contributor saying about

"2020 HSC and Beyond"

and Then Using These Techniques to Achieve The Best Academic Results...

“In my article I talked about how to keep things interesting in the most stressful years of your life…” - Sarah Kanuk, Australia Youth Karate Team

“Learning from your peers who have done your subjects before is super effective.” - John Wang, HSC Economics State Ranker

adam gottschalk.png

"When you wake up in the morning, you need to know exactly whaat you have to do that day. You need to plan in advance"- Adam Gottschalk, 1st in NSW in Biology, French Extension, and Visual Arts

"Don't be afraid to write beyond the provided lines or use extra paper. To achieve full marks, I actually encourage this"- Patrick Nah, 99.95 ATAR

patrick nah.png
sophie catherine howard.png

"Keep your friends around you, and try not to be too competitive. Talk to your parents and teachers, who hopefully want the best for you extraneous of your results. "- Sophie Howard, 4th in NSW for Ancient History

Join Australia’s most innovative schools already reading 2020 HSC and Beyond

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This Edition's Contributors

Classroom Lecture

Jesse Caminer – 1st in NSW  for English Advanced and Extension Two

Adam Gottschalk – 1st in NSW for Biology

Lachlan Tran – 1st in NSW for Geography 

Emma Scroope – 1st in NSW for PDHPE

Finn Vercoe  – 1st in NSW for Standard Mathematics

Wenquan Lu - 1st for physics

Zair Ahmed – 2nd in NSW for Legal Studies

Adam Robey – 2nd in NSW for Engineering Studies

Seohyeong Lim – 3rd in NSW for Modern History

Patrick Nah – 3rd in NSW for Economics 

Sophie Howard – 4th in NSW  for Ancient History 

Nicholas Fakira – 4th in NSW for Science Extension

Tallulah-Rose Adams - 4th in NSW for Standard Mathematics

Lara Hather – 5th in NSW for Society and Culture

Julia Lo Russo and Christopher Farag – 5th and 6th in NSW for Studies of Religion

John Wang – 8th in NSW for Economics 

Daniel Monteiro - 8th in NSW for Physics

Matthew Drielsma – 9th in NSW for Earth and Environmental Science

Sarah Kanuk  - IB Top Achiever, Cornell University. 


Gain access to the best HSC study advice and strategies right now for only...



Time Is Of The Essence...

Here is why...

While you are thinking if this is a good deal or not, other high school students in NSW are working their asses off to achieve their academic goals. 

However, here is the silver lining...

Most of them do not and will not have the opportunities to learn from HSC State Ranker directly at this price. Some are even willing to pay thousands to learn from them. 


If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time. 

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!



Adam Ma

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