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Due to popular demand, we have begun selling individual chapters from our HSC study guide "2020 HSC and Beyond".


Mr Gottschalk graduated from high school as Dux of Sydney Grammar in 2019 and achieved an ATAR of 99.95, placing 1st in NSW for Biology, Visual Arts and French Extension.


In Adam’s chapter, he teaches his methods of success in HSC Biology, more specifically:

1. Planning for the HSC

2. How to use the Biology syllabus to your advantage

3. Ways of answering exam questions (examples of extended response included)

4. Note-making for Biology

5. Memorizing for Biology

6. Exam techniques


RRP $29.99. Discounted price of $10!


2020 HSC and Beyond is an HSC Study Guide written together by 20 HSC State rankers. Each author outlines their personal HSC study strategies.

HSC Biology Study Guide by Adam Gottschalk - 1st in NSW for Biology

$30.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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Great book on top performers


Debo - Verified reviewer from Booktopia

Overall, I really liked the book, underlined the various strategies on what the top performers did to master each subject and will use the same when helping my daughter with her school lessons.
Please find a summary of the pros and cons (which is solely my opinion only)

Pros for this book
+ Great content
+ In depth discussion for each subject
+ Lots of practical tips to masters of these subjects
+ Must read for any HSC aspirant, but also good for students in their senior school areas
+ Great editing done by the young authors

Cons for this book
- None
- However, I would recommend a cheat-sheet for each subject could be glanced in one go for easy revision

Very helpful for high school students


Tree Fang - Verified reviewer from Booktopia

First Hand high school students study guide shared by bright young peoples freshly graduated from high school. Easy to follow and full of inspiration. I love the book.

Extremely Helpful, with a great amount of detail


ADAMMBQ - Verified reviewer from Booktopia

As a parent, I loved it. It contains so many useful and personalised tips for studying. My children are in high school and they loved it too because it so relatable to them!

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September 1, 2019



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30 September 2019   

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