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"You don't need to start taking things seriously until you are in Year 12."


We think differently.


Catch Up with Top-Achievers: 2019 HSC edition is a new type of study guide designed for high school students, teachers and parents.


Catch Up with Top-Achievers: 2019 HSC edition is composed of a series of articles written by past HSC Top-Achievers. They explain their unique approach to their studies with the aim to enlighten and set students on the right path to be better.


Unlike many other study guides, which aim to teach the contents of the syllabuses of each subject, the aim of Catch Up with Top-Achievers:2019 HSC edition is to educate students on the processes of studying/learning.


Instead of teaching students the contents (specific syllabus points) of a specific subject, the Top-Achievers will explain their general approaches to studying different subjects as well as interpersonal skills. The aim of this book is to encourage the readers to choose and experiment different study strategies and eventually create their own way of studying and reach their maximum potential when performing in the HSC.

Each Top-Achiever will:


1. Share key strategies to achieving great HSC results

2. Debunk common myths when it comes to studying

3. Provide you with personal study skills tips (i.e. Time Management)

4. Guide you to answer common exam questions


Most importantly, you will learn from those Top-Achievers directly.

These tips will not only help you to achieve better HSC results, and they will set you onto the right paths to become a life-long learner.

It's time to take control of your academic life.


Chapters written by HSC Top-Achievers in 'Catch Up With Top-Achievers: 2019 HSC Edition'


  1. The key to successful Biological study. By Alexandra Christopoulos 9th in NSW for Biology
  2. Business studies and General tips from First in the State. By Tim Yang 1st in NSW for Business Studies
  3. Physics: Is there are dream too big? By Jesse Wright 7th in NSW for Physics
  4. Modern History. By Zoe Zhang 1st NSW for Modern History
  5. Becoming a Drama Queen. By Drew Ireland-Shead 2nd in NSW for Drama
  6. Success with Economics. By John Bivell 1st in NSW for Economics. 
  7. Be a Top-Achiever in Geography and Chemistry. By Eleanor Lawton-Wade 3rd in Geography and 7th in Chemistry
  8. How to put the Study in Legal Studies. By Jenny Wang 4th in Legal Studies
  9. Surviving and Conquering HSC General Mathematics. By Lucinda Krek 1st in General Mathematics and 3rd in PDHPE
  10. How to Ace Music 1. By Varun Mahadevan 2nd in Music 1
  11. Major Keys to Music Success. By Belinda Thomas 3rd in Music 2
  12. PDHPE and Earth and Environmental Science. By Lucy Stevenson 1st in PDHPE and 2nd in Earth and Environmental Science

Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2019 HSC Edition


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