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To Memorise or Not to Memorise and Mastering the English Syllabus

By Jesse Caminer - 1st in NSW in Advanced and Extension 2 English

"To memorise or not to memorise an English essay?"


Jesse will teach you all about it.


In his 40-page HSC English study guide, he will teach you the essential strategies to approaching the English Exams including topics such as Common Module, Creative Writing, etc. Jesse came first in NSW in Advanced and Extension 2 English.


He is currently studying at Cambridge University. 

$AUD 14.99

The eBook will be emailed to you after completing the purchase. 

  • Who is the author?
    Jesse Caminer graduated high school in 2019 as Dux of Cranbrook School. He achieved 99.95 ATAR and 1st in NSW in Advanced and Extension 2 English. He is currently studying at Cambridge University.
  • What is the delivery method of this purchase?
    This product will be delivered to your email inbox after completing the transaction.
  • What is "2020 HSC and Beyond""
    Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond is a collection of articles written by the best performing HSC students in the State - HSC State Rankers. In our study guide, each author outlines their unique and results-driven study strategies. They also provide specific advice towards succeeding in their area of expertise. The practical study methods presented in this book are by no means conventional. Instead, they reflect the reality of what it is to be a student in 2020, and how to best succeed in the HSC whilst still maintaining a sense of balance.
  • Who must read this book?
    If you're doing HSC English (Standard, Advanced, Extension), this is the perfect study for you.
  • What if I found this not helpful at all?
    Just send us an email, and we will fully refund the money to you.
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